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Throwback Tunes // You're All I Need To Get By

There are certain absolute no-nos in life: refusing to wear deodorant. Leaving your ringtone on while riding public transit. Chewing gum past an acceptable decibel level. You get what I mean.

One of the biggest absolute no-nos when it comes to music is not enjoying the musical stylings of Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, Motown's most legendary power couple.

When it comes to karaoke or late night kitchen DJ-ing, my automatic go-to song is Ain't No Mountain High Enough. People love this one- it's so uplifting, energetic and happy-making. Those first few notes are all it takes to put me in a good mood, and I can recite the lyrics perfectly at a moment's notice.

However, at the same time, everyone seems to forget that Marvin and Tammi's catalogue goes deeper than that One Big Hit, overlooking a lot of other songs that they've come out with over the years.

One of my personal favourites by the duo is You're All I Need. I miss when music was this simple. The lyrics of this song are so genuine and straightforward. You can feel in the music a love that is simply infectious thanks to the chemistry between Marvin and Tammi.



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